Michael Cordover, the shy exhibitionist
This would be so much better if I had a life


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opened 12 years, 1 month, 4 days and 22 hours ago

What is the level of your cooking ability?

This poll closed 12 years, 29 days and 22 hours ago.


Option Votes %
I beat the Iron Chef 1 4%
I can make entire meals to feed my family 15 65%
I make one type of one course only 7 30%
I can do toast as long as you don't want butter 0 0%
I cook Red Lobster Smurf 0 0%

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what the fuck?

Many may wonder what this site is and what it is doing here. Well, allow me to explain. This is a blog. Blog is an abbriviation of Weblog. Blogs are personal websites which describe the day-to-day activities of their subject. This one is slightly different for I keep it simply as a place where I can deposit ramblings that I want the public to see.

This blog belongs to Michael Cordover, aged 16. I live in Hobart, Tasmania (or rather just outside Hobart, 25 min from the CBD, 30 min from my school). I attend school in Hobart, a private school, at great expense to my family. I do the Internatoinal Baccalauriate (IB), my subjects being Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English at High Level, Philosophy and French at Standard Level. Generally students do six subjects, three at High and three at Standard levels. I do four at High, I also took an extra certificate (seventh, non-counting) subject, Twentieth Century History, for which I obtained the score five. In the IB each subject is marked out of seven.

There is little else to tell of my life. On this site nothing is secret, nothing is private and everything is open. Tautological I know. Everything I say here is the truth, as I see it and I am as honest as I can be.

Well, that's everything. If you have any further questions feel free to email me on For now please browse through my life - while starting from the beginning is reccommended the first few entries are quite boring, so feel free to skip some. You're doing the reading, after all. You'll find the navigation buttons on the right if you're using the default skin. If not, I'll leave it to you to find them.

It should be noted that all times are Australian Eastern Standard Time - Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart time.

Obi-Wan Kenobi massages the compact disc. Jarb. All that glitters is of high refractive index (Anonymous)