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ID: 110
opened 11 years, 7 months, 1 day and 13 hours ago

What is the level of your cooking ability?

This poll closed 11 years, 6 months, 26 days and 13 hours ago.


Option Votes %
I beat the Iron Chef 1 4%
I can make entire meals to feed my family 15 65%
I make one type of one course only 7 30%
I can do toast as long as you don't want butter 0 0%
I cook Red Lobster Smurf 0 0%

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just one please

ID: 286 of 405
Fri 15th Apr 2005 [00:29]
(12 years, 9 months, 2 days, 20 hours and 52 minutes ago)

In Fight Club mention is made of single serving friends. These are people met once, befriended and then abandoned. Not dissimilar to Sky's Bus Guy in many ways. In some ways though quite dissimilar.

Anyway, I was thinking about single serving friends today. I have a relationship similar to that with a single serving friend with Tom. I hold conversation with him in the time it takes us to walk from the physics lecture theatre down the stairs and out the door of physics and maths. We'll then walk and talk together along the high path towards the centre of the campus. Then, in the central area, we'll part ways and not speak until after the next physics lecture or perhaps even later. Always, though, after physics.

We'll sit together during physics too though conversation then is reasonably limited. We are in a lecture, after all. It is interesting, though, for me to consider the nature of such communication. The short and simple nature of my friendship (is it even worthy of that name? I'm uncertain. Before I came to Tasmania I would always consider a friend as someone to who's house I had been invited. This definition has changed substantially, however). My point, though, remains, that it's interesting the way such interactions are limited and most of all habitual. The structure of society fascinates me.

On a completely (though perhaps not completely, on second thoughts) different topic I watched an episode of The OC tonight. For this I was ridiculed by many. I thought, though, that I should perhaps watch an episode before ridiculing it too much. I was entertained thoroughly by the first thirty seconds, before the title sequence. Beyond that it was... watchable but not compulsive. I can see, though, why some people would need to watch every episode. I am not one of those. I could become one but try to avoid addiction wherever I can. Thus, I will only watch this program when I've nothing better to do. Which will, I'm sure, be most Thursday nights anyway.

I feel that this lacks some strong conclusion, something sound. Something important. But I'm not sure I have anything of that nature to say. It's quite pathetic really. I recall (having read the log of it it in a time of bordem this evening) a conversation I had with Jules in November of last year. She said it had been some time since I had blogged and I should update. I complained of nothing important, interesting or insightful to say. She replied that I never had anythinf of that nature - so true. That was the evening before entry 209 was posted. And after that little ramble, co-inciding with the end of Stargate, I'll leave.

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