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opened 11 years, 9 months, 1 day and 11 hours ago

What is the level of your cooking ability?

This poll closed 11 years, 8 months, 26 days and 11 hours ago.


Option Votes %
I beat the Iron Chef 1 4%
I can make entire meals to feed my family 15 65%
I make one type of one course only 7 30%
I can do toast as long as you don't want butter 0 0%
I cook Red Lobster Smurf 0 0%

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it's my united blog of...

ID: 375 of 405
Wed 21st Dec 2005 [00:43]
(12 years, 2 months, 28 days, 19 hours and 40 minutes ago)

I've just returned from seeing the latest Harry Potter movie. It was good. Not mind bogglingly brilliant, but good. Certain moments were just so ... high school. I loved those. The book made me cry, at the end. This movie version didn't. The movie made me laugh though, and made me blush. The sexual tension between Ron and Hermionie is beginning to build. My prediction is that it'll finally break about two thirds of the way through the seventh book. So a good starting point, at least seven movie-hours before. I have friends like that too.

Yes, that was a jibe at you, specifically, for taking ages to get with that guy. If you think you're the you in that sentance, you probably are.

It made me think a lot though. About school. Oh, speaking of school, results for year twelves came out today. The one I know (so it has to be you) did very well and deserves public congratulation. That was TLC. I'm sure I'll discover other scores eventually and those people will also have done well. Anyway, back to me. I've finished school. Harry Potter and similar movies are no longer about people like me. I'm meant to be associating with Road Trip or something. I just can't do that. For one thing, there's not nearly as much sex in my life as there is in that movie. It's quite sad that I associate best with the strange characters.

The point is that I've finished school - a year ago now - and I don't feel like I'm ready to. I don't feel like I should be out here in the world. This is a great difficulty I'm having. Now, speaking of associating with characters, I associated a little bit with Ron in this movie. The whole always-second-to-Harry thing. Of course, I'm not second to Harry Potter, but yes, I know the feeling. And a little with Hermionie, what with my pretending to be smart and stuff. Really very little association with Harry. People tend to be too sports-oriented in Harry Potter though. Even Hermionie, my great hope, the intellectual, fell for that dastardly sportinig hero. She did get her first slow motion entrance though, so go that. And I thought the end of the Yule Ball was done very well too. Anyway, I did have other things to say.

There's the fact that I hold the record for doing the stupidest, most embarrassing thing ever, ever. Even in a movie, nobody did anything this stupid. I've held this record for a while - quite a long while - and I keep thinking about it. That sucks, but occupies my mind on the drive home.

Also, brilliant line: "if god made you he's in love with me". Quite possibly the best line ever. And I'd explain why I think it's so beautiful, but I'll just stuff up my language use. Suffice to say I think it's a great way of saying "I love you".

I can't think of anything else. Perhaps the fact that I actually did a search to see if I could buy today... just because I think that'd be a funny domain name to own, like I'm getting tired though. And I've got nothing to say. And too much to do. Yay. Or whatever.

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