Michael Cordover, the shy exhibitionist
This would be so much better if I had a life


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Do you read Hansard?

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Hell yes! 16 67%
God no! 3 13%
Michael you're a fucking freak 5 21%

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Welcome back

ID: 405 of 405
Sat 22nd Mar 2014 [21:44]
(4 years, 3 months, 29 days, 16 hours and 9 minutes ago)

For quite some time this was my blog. It has been restored because it's an interesting insight into who I was way back then.

A few interesting bits I found while restoring it:

Comments are disabled because this is just an archive.

Sorry about all the comment spam. I deleted a bunch but got bored. Also people apparently responded to comment spam back then? The naughties were a crazy time.

Comments are disabled.

The screwdriver from the brewery will go to the doghouse. Kran. Don't use that foreign word 'ideals'. We have that excellent native word 'lies' (Henrik Ibsen)